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This year’s BWL 2020 Coaches Off-Snow Zoom Training is available to watch by clicking HERE.


Race Training Exercises for BWL skiers

BWL has compiled the following videos to help coaches work on additional drills on any BWL ski day.  Most of these are from The USSA’s Skills Quest program developed for coaches to use with different levels of skiers.

Phase 2

For ski racers ages 6 – 10 with 1 – 4 years of skiing to develop a broad base of skiing skills through lots of games, fun challenges, skiing exercises and drills. Click the links below for drills.

Railroad Tracks – Edging drill: CLICK HERE!

Whirlybird Turns – Rotary drill:  CLICK HERE!

Hop Turns – Basic U10 drill:  CLICK HERE!

Great Balance Skills to do anywhere on the mountain:

Falling Leaf Drill: CLICK HERE!

1000 Steps: CLICK HERE!

Thumper Exercise: CLICK HERE!

Balanced Athletic Stance: CLICK HERE!

Varying Arm Positioning Drills: CLICK HERE!

One ski turns are a great way to teach edging and race turning: CLICK HERE!

Pole Jumpers help skiers with balance: CLICK HERE!

Free Skiing with pole usage: CLICK HERE

Straight Run Side Slip great rotary and timing drill: CLICK HERE!

Short Radius Turn Drills: CLICK HERE!

Phase 3

For racers with some race experience ages 10 – 14 with 4 – 8 years of skiing.

Foot Rotation / Hockey Stop – Tips for Intermediate Skiers – Pressure Drill:

One Ski Skiing helps with balance, edging, agility – CLICK HERE!

Pole Jumbers in a tuck helps with skier agility and strength: CLICK HERE!

Pivot Slips teaches lower and upper body separation:  CLICK HERE!

Free skiing with lane change: CLICK HERE!

Outside ski Vs. Inside ski turns – great visuals! CLICK HERE!

Mikeala Shiffrin’s balance drills: CLICK HERE!

Phase 4

For more advanced racers ages 11 and up with 5 – 9 years of skiing.

Here’s a great video on carving for more experienced skiers: CLICK HERE!

Free Skiing Hourglass helps with speed control and balance: CLICK HERE!

Straight run to side slip: CLICK HERE!

One ski lane chance helps with balance, strengh and agility: CLICK HERE!

Mikaela Shiffrin 7 Keys to Drill Mastery video: CLICK HERE!

General Technical Videos from USSA:

A large variety of technical videos with: CLICK HERE

Single Pole Planting by Burkde Academy: CLICK HERE!

Double Pole Planting by Burke Academy: CLICK HERE!

USSA Alpine Training System link: CLICK HERE!

Race Tips: CLICK HERE!

Racing Resources:

Race Course Inspection and Slipping:  CLICK HERE!

Other videos worth looking at:

Mikaela Shiffrin In Search of Speed – CLICK HERE!

Ted Ligety’s The Perfect Turn –CLICK HERE!

Making The Perfect Turn with Lara Gut – CLICK HERE!

Action of the Legs – CLICK HERE!

Ted Ligety talks about freeskiing – CLICK HERE!

How to Fight from Start to Finish – CLICK HERE!

Course Inspection with Mikaela – CLICK HERE!

Just for giggles – CLICK HERE!

USSA Skills Quest tasks/descriptions: CLICK HERE!

Concussion Myths – CLICK HERE